Availability of DMB channels for EV charging

Junghoon Lee, Gyung-Leen Park, Ho-Young Kwak


This paper addresses the availability of digital multimedia broadcasting to provide better charging services to electric vehicles. Through the advertisement framework which has been implemented by an extended TPEG frame and is capable of updating current waiting time in each charging station within a few second, the broadcast can eliminate multiple information retrieval requests from a lot of vehicles. The in-vehicle application first selects the candidate stations based on remaining battery and its current location. The uplink channel can be connected by either the cellular network or WiFi interface, if necessary. Then, the charging time estimation and time overhead for detour is evaluated to select the best one. Due to the delay in information posting, there can be inconsistency between the posted and the actual waiting time. The experiment shows that the inconsistency ratio is not so significant if charging stations are sufficiently available.

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