Disk I/O Control Mechanism for Online and Batch Processing

Masanori Tanabe, Yoshinari Nomura, Kazutoshi Yokoyama, Takashi Nagao, Hiedo Taniguchi


Some IT systems, including banking systems, perform workload cycles on a daily basis. These workloads are composite workloads of online and batch processing. To separate the impact of these two workloads, typical banking systems employ individual computers dedicated to each type of workload. Since each dedicated system is designed to fit the peak times of their respective tasks, it is difficult to optimize the scale of the system as a whole. In this paper, we propose an effective method for maximizing disk I/O performance under composite workloads. Our basic idea depends on the fact that online workloads and batch workloads (1) have different peak times in a day, and (2) have different I/O patterns and lengths of disk access.


disk I/O control; I/O scheduling; online processing; batch processing

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