An Intelligent Database System implemented for E-government

S. H. Liao, S. L. Lu


The aim of this paper is to develop an Executive Information Systems (EIS) for Taiwanese military internal auditing. Through military internal auditing, the military operations strengths and weaknesses are determined from an objective standpoint and with a fair basis. However, in recent years, the frauds of military internal auditing have increased, and the redresses of military organizations from the Control Yuan (the highest governmental auditing institution) to reduce the internal frauds and enhance internal auditing mechanism. The research results show that several control phases within the internal auditing plan have to be improved, and the military organizations have to be effectively adapted to improve performance. This paper attempts to employ the theory of Executive Information Systems to the procedure of military internal auditing. This research built a web-based Executive Information System with the relational database framework, and provided a friendly user interface and on-line access prototype system. It will be used to support executives leadership and decision-making references and enhance the military organizations internal management function. The results are satisfactory and meet the needs of military internal auditing.


E-government; Intelligent Database Systems; Executive Information Systems; Internal Management

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