Towards Fast Deploying the Coordinated Storage, Computing, and Networking Cloud Service: the Ezilla Toolkit

Chi-Ming Chen, Yi-Lun Pan, Hsi-En Yu, Chang-Hsing Wu, Hui-Shan Chen, Kuo-Yang Cheng


With the growth of Cloud based technologies, so have the cloud-based services has grown over the past few years. To meet the demands from the Cloud users, service providers have to provide such a service environment that can be deployed and provisioned quickly and easily. To help tackling such an issue, the Ezilla, which is considered as a private Cloud toolkit, has been developed by the PerComp Team in the National Center for High-performance Computing. The Ezilla integrates the de facto Cloud middleware, Web-based interface, and coordinated cloud infrastructure services such as Storage, computing and networking services to form an integrated virtual computer. With the Ezilla toolkit, a virtual computer, which is configured specifically to meet the needs of an individual Cloud user, is just one click away. The merit of the Ezilla is simplifying the complexity of the Cloud system for easier deployment for the users. Scientist as well as genera users can deploy the Cloud for their works without dealing with the painful process of building the Cloud system. The proposed Ezilla toolkit leverages genetic virtualization techniques, DRBLSSI (Diskless Remote Boot in Linux Single System Image), the cluster scheduling policy, and distributed filesystem, to orchestrate distributed computing resources dynamically.


Cloud; Virtualization Techniques; Virtual Cluster, DRBL; Scheduling Policy; Distributed Filesystem

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