Index Poisoning Scheme for P2P File Sharing Systems with Low Spatial and Network Costs (Preliminary Version)

Yuusuke Ookita, Satoshi Fujita


In this paper, we propose an index poisoning scheme for unstructured P2P file sharing systems. Index poisoning is a technique which alters the index of illegal files so that they could not be reached by any peer which wishes to access them through the P2P. The proposed scheme is a combination of the following three periodical injections of the copies of altered index: 1) injection to the owner of illegal files, 2) injection to upstream peers by setting a long lifetime to each copy, and 3) injection to downstream peers by setting a short lifetime to each copy. The results of simulation indicate that the proposed scheme attains almost the same performance with a simple index poisoning scheme which injects altered copy with long lifetime to all peers, with a significantly lower cost, i.e., the spatial cost reduces to one third and the peak network cost of external agent reduces to a half.


Unstructured peer-to-peer; file sharing; index poisoning; illegal file sharing

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