Development of a system for the Agricultural cooperative to prevent wildlife damage of crops

Ryota Amamoto, Takenobu Okabe, Yusuke Hamano, Ryo Mitsuoka, Kosei Mori, Mori Wada, Shinichi Yamagiwa


Wildlife damage to agricultural crops has increasingly reported over the years. According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Japan, the effective method is suggested that the community should work cooperatively together for driving wildlife away. However, because it is very hard to predict the time and the place that the wildlife appear, it requires huge manpower and effort to guard the farmlands. In order to overcome the difficulty applying information technology, we have developed a system that detects the wildlife near the farmlands and notifies it to the people who owns the farmlands. Distributing the surveillance satellite boxes, in which the detection hardware is equipped, placed around farmlands, the system detects wildlife automatically when they are staying within 750m away from the surveillance satellite box. And then the system notifies the warning to the managers of the related farmlands immediately by email. The system also provides history information when and where the wildlife appeared and thus, it automatically predicts the estimated movements of wildlife using the history and visually reports it at the webpage.


Agriculture and ICT; Wildlife nuisance; Wildlife detection; Machine learning

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