CampusAR: Development of an AR navigation system for private area

Yuta Hatanaka, Hayato Chida, Hayato Haga, Ryota Mannari, Shinichi Yamagiwa, Koichi Wada


The pedestrian navigation systems have been developed for guiding on the public roads such as Google route service. However, they do not support the route guidance in any private area such as university campus. Although several systems of the navigation system provide the private area information, the variety of the supported facilities are limited. To solve the difficulties of supporting the navigation in any private area, this paper focuses on developing a novel navigation system that supports routing information for any kinds of private area called CampusAR. We have implemented the navigation system in a server that provides the detailed facilities in the private area and also in an application running on smartphones that communicates with the server. In the server side, we have developed a mechanism to register private road information automatically to eliminate the difficulty for storing the routing information. Thus, the CampusAR provides a simple and effective method to guide routes in a private area even if the user does not know the details of the facility. Moreover, it is easy to equip the server system customized to a private area due to the automatic registration system for the routing information.


pedestrian navigation system; AR; smart-phone; private area; route guidance

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