Friend Recommendation by Using Skyline Query and Location Information

Shufeng Zheng, Asif Zaman, Yasuhiko Morimoto


By leveraging the capabilities of modern GPS-equipped mobile devices, the interest in developing advanced services that combine location-based services with social networking services is growing drastically. This type of social network that combined with location information and social relations is called as location-based social network. Many location-based social network services have functions for finding/recommending friends to a user. Facebook, for example, uses friends-of-friends information to recommend new friends to users. The idea is based on an observation that a person prefers a friend of their friends rather than a random person. However, this approach does not consider the distance and friend influence between user and new recommended friend. Therefore, we proposed a method of friend recommendation that combines of skyline query and check-in information to find promising friends. We conducted a set of experiments to show the quality and accuracy of friend recommendation of our propose approach.


Location-based Social Networks; distance; friend influence; skyline query

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