A Research on sensibility expression analysis of individual in regional variation bused on Twitter

Abdunabi Ubul, Hidekazu Kakei


Since Twitter is capable to quickly send information and a person can casually tweet anything not important enough to write in a diary or a personal feeling, it is ideal to analyze users emotional feeling as a study subject. For analyzing an area difference in emotional expression between urban and rural area, we conducted a survey for young Twitter users in Tokyo 23 wards and Tokushima city regarding the field of politics as seemingly little interest mainly among young generations, then examined an individual emotional difference by area through analyzing emotional expression of Twitter users in the above-described study subject areas. There was a significant difference in the data median value between Tokyo 23 wards and Tokushima city from the survey results, and the study found a larger emotional intensity in the field of politics for Tokyo 23 wards compared to Tokushima city. The study also confirmed a stronger negative feeling by users in Tokyo 23 wards in terms of a balance between positive expression and negative expression.


Twitter; sensibility expression; politics; Regional variation

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