Dynamic Temperature Aware Routing Protocol over Ad hoc Networks at Fire Sites

Young-Duk Kim, GukJin Son, Soon Kwon, Woo Young Jung


In this paper, we present the issue of exploiting the temperature aware routing protocol which is widely used for especially high temperature environments such as fire and disaster sites. Since the highly tempered atmosphere by the fire makes it difficult to provide reliable packet transmissions and routing path, we propose a novel routing protocol, called DTAR (Dynamic Temperature Aware Routing), which monitors the current temperature of each node to identify its own temperature and melt-down symptom according to the predefined threshold value, and then dynamically performs route discovery procedure for avoiding the heated route. This new protocol is highly compatible with any conventional on-demand based routing policy. We also expect that the proposed protocol is suitable for mitigating the wireless link failures in fire sites thanks to the reliable route discovery.


Mobile Ad Hoc Network; High Temperature; Routing Protocol; Fire Sites

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