On the Acceleration of Data Packets Dissemination by Considering Terminals Processing Load in Crowded Environment for Bluetooth MANETs



Bluetooth MANETs are a method to construct networks of Bluetooth enabled terminals without relying on communication infrastructures such as base stations. So far, the feasibility of this method has been studied by implementing Bluetooth MANETs on Android smartphones and using a simulator. Recently, a Bluetooth MANETs communication system that works with the Raspberry Pi, a small terminal, has been proposed (hereinafter referred to as the existing system). For the practical use of Bluetooth MANETs must show that networks of terminals can be configured using more terminals. At that time, we must investigate the impacts of increasing the number of neighboring terminals.

In this paper, we first conducted preliminary experiments with increasing the number of Raspberry Pi terminals that form networks. We found that as the number of connections par terminal increases, the processing load of the terminal increases. As a result, terminals have difficulty establishing connections with neighboring terminals. Furthermore, we have also observed that the data packet dissemination speed is reduced due to the inability to establish enough number of connections for the number of neighboring terminals. In this paper, based on the results of the preliminary experiments, we proposed a new method to reduce the processing load of terminals by minimizing the number of connections they maintain and to improve the data packet dissemination speed by establishing more connections than in the existing system in an environment with many neighboring terminals. Also, we implemented a communication application using our proposed method on the Raspberry Pi and conducted communication experiments. The experimental results show that our proposed method-based system can increase the data packet dissemination speed compared to the existing system.


Bluetooth MANETs; Raspberry Pi; The speed of data packets dissemination, Acceleration

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