Test Methodology for Real-Time Operating System

Siaw Chen Lee, Soon Ee Ong, Noohul Basheer Zain Ali


There exist many varieties of Real-Time Operat- ing System (RTOS) in the market, most of them are software based while some are hardware based. During the selection of RTOS, we often need to know the performance of RTOS to ensure it meets the requirements of the real-time system we are designing. Not all RTOS provides specification or data that is useful for consideration or calculation. This paper proposed a set test methodology for designer to quickly measure the performance of a RTOS. The test methodology proposed in this paper covering parameters that are practically useful for real- time system designer to be used for RTOS selection judgment or improvement. These parameters includes computing process overhead, task level interrupt latency, intertask communication & synchronization latency and performance jitter.


Real-time Operating System; RTOS; Test Methodology

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